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Joshua Ram

Woodworker. Joiner. Craftsman. Furniture Maker.




I’m Joshua. I’m a furniture maker. 


I love working primarily in the medium of wood. I think that wood is a beautiful material that’s inherently wise beyond us. By leveraging the different characteristics of various different woods, cuts of the tree and treatments that can be done to the wood, I am able to create the latitude for creative freedom in my medium.

I work alone and operate this business as a one-man show. However, I do take on large orders (both in quantity and in physical size) frequently as I am equipped to.

Every piece is unique and has been fussed over by myself. Each decision is not taken lightly and it is taken with both the wood in question and the customers' needs.


I do hope you like what you see here and are able to understand myself, my love for the medium that has been given to me and my passion.


If you do, and you would like beautifully crafted fine furniture, let’s talk.


 I would love to get to know you the same way I understand the wood, to create a unique piece just for you.


Featured in the Straits Times

As told by Toh Wen Li


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As explained by Justin from RICE media

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