Joshua Ram

Woodworker. Joiner. Craftsman. Furniture Maker.




I’m Joshua. I’m a furniture maker. 


I love working primarily in the medium of wood. I think that wood is a beautiful material that’s inherently wise beyond us. 


Every time I lay eyes upon any kind of wood, its origins and entire life comes to mind. To think that this piece of wood started from a single seed no bigger than the nail on your pinky planted somewhere (by accident, animals or human intention) and it grew, took in the sunshine, the rain, the pollution we produce, observed human history and reflected our activities in its flesh - it’s wood. It did all this entirely unnoticed by man. It went from plant to tree and we noticed when it got big enough. And then the day came that it had to get cut. And men with chainsaws came to fell the tree that was wise beyond their years. Many lives it had witnessed, many men it has sheltered, many animals it has given refuge to. The Logs were pruned first, then the foliage and leaves disposed of. The logs then get sawn down at a sawmill to sizes determined by the Sawyer. Finally it’s laid to dry in a place for years until it is suitable to be birthed into another life. Finally, someone as lucky as me comes along and falls madly in love with parts of the tree at first sight, gets infatuated enough that he is possessed to have the piece. So I buy it - Just a small part of a very large tree that grew from an oh-so-tiny seed. 


I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to worth with this wood. Almost every piece of wood I work with is definitely older than me and wiser than me. I read the grain in the wood like one would read history. I understand where this piece of the wood was in the tree, where the wood saw sun everyday in its former life. I get to know this piece as a father would his son. Then I thoughtfully and intentionally craft a new purpose for this piece of wood - a piece that I now Know. I clean up this old witness to accept the imperceptible nuances of fine furniture, and I embalm it with the history it has stood and witnessed in a fine finish that will guard it from the elements in its life to come. Finally, I birth a piece of furniture from the sweat of my brow, for you. I am merely the lucky man that gets to transition a medium of greater wisdom than my own from one life to another - A gift from above that I am truly blessed with. A gift I hope will serve you well in the many years to come. 


Every piece is unique and has been fussed over by myself. Each decision is not taken lightly and it is taken with both the wood in question and the customers needs.


I do hope you like what you see here and are able to understand myself, my love for the medium that has been given to me and my passion.


If you do, and you would like a beautifully crafted piece of history embalmed as fine furniture, let’s talk.


 I would love to get to know you the same way I understand the wood, to create a unique piece just for you


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