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Game Boards


Lead time: 3-12 weeks
(Depending on the complexity of the piece, this could be sooner)


I am able to build various other fine objects that may not necessarily fit in these general categories. In which case, please do reach out to me via email, whatsapp or call, and I will be very glad to speak with you about the piece, your needs and how I may be able to craft this piece for you.

Some useful information that will help guide our conversation would be:

 - A brief description of the piece you would like crafted

-Some of the needs or requirements that this piece will have to satisfy

 - dimensions of the item

- choice of wood


- any reference images/sketches, and other specific requirements,

For commercial enquiries, please contact me directly for quotations.

Should you need indicative pricings for prospective projects, please do reach out to me as well. I will be very happy to provide you with an estimate.

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